St Paul's Secretary (Karen Smith)

    1. Parish Finance Council meets in “upper room of Parish Office at 6.00 pm Wednesday 2nd May
    2. Macassar Pastoral Council meets on Thursday 3rd May at 7.00 pm
    3. St Pauls Pastoral Council meets on Thursday 10th May at 7.15 pm

  • St Pauls presents a “NIGHT AT THE RACES.”The PPC would like to invite all parishioners on Saturday 5 May to join them for a fun night of giggles, socialising and horse racing. The evening will begin at 7:30pm and parishioners are encouraged to bring their own supper, snacks, drinks, cutlery and crockery and come along to take part in this fun eve…[Read more]

  • BAPTISM(S) St Paul’s at 8.30 am Mass on Sunday 6th May, 2018.

  • Next meeting for the PLANNED GIVING COMMITTEE will be on Thursday 3rd May, at 7.15 pm in order to run a successful Campaign please make your ideas, expertise and talents available for service to our Parish Community -we need as many volunteers as possible.

  • IGNITE YOUNG ADULTS: All young adults (19 years and older) are invited to join our Wednesday evening meetings. We meet each Wednesday at the parish hall @ 19h00 to pray and discuss the Sunday Gospel. If you would like more information then please contact Shane on 072 551 9923 or

    Retrouvaille (Reh-tro-v-eye) is a worldwide, non-profit, volunteer-run Catholic program that offers tools to restore the love that brought couples together, even couples who are separated or divorced. For questions or registration, make a confidential call to 074-175-75203. For program and online…[Read more]

  • KING & I:Tea/Refreshments every Wednesday after the 9:30 am Mass in Parish Hall – ALL WELCOME !!!

  • SECURITY: The main entrance motor gate will be closed from 1.00pm during the week and all day on the weekends, except during Mass times. If you need access to the Church grounds 1. Contact the office for the security code. Or
    2. Remote controls are available at R175.00 each.

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