Alter Servers

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

This ministry was first introduced at St. Paul’s in 1984 and involves the distribution of Holy Communion to the housebound and sick parishioners whether at home or in hospital. The ministers are specially trained in the theology of the Eucharist as well as the practical aspects involved. They also assist with the distribution of Communion at Mass. At present there are ?? of these dedicated people who serve some ?? sick and housebound parishioners, usually on a Sunday but also on week-days depending on demand and other circumstances. They operate on a roster system so that each minister may only be required once every three to four weeks. They are appointed on an annual basis.

Proclaimers of the Word

The proclamation of the Word of God is truly a ministry of the church and we are very fortunate and blessed at St. Paul’s to have an exceptional Proclaimers ministry.

We give a juman voice to the word of God during the Liturgy of the Mass and good Proclaimers make the word of God present and alive to the attentive ear.

At St. Paul’s we have ?? commissioned Proclaimers of the Word, most of whom have been serving the parish for many years. Their enthusiasm and dedication have never wavered over the years and our parishioners are the beneficiaries.


The Sacristan ministry is one that is seldom noticed. It is the preparation of God’s House for worship quietly done before anyone has left home to come to Mass. The sactristan is a church helper who is responsible for setting up both the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist. It is their dury to make sure that everything runs smoothly for the Parish Priest and the other ministers serving at the Mass. Many parishioners may not be aware of the reverence with which all the sacred vessels, vestments, keys, hosts and purificators are lovingly handled by the sactristans. The purificators which can sometimes have small pieces of the host on them are not just put into the wash, but are carefully rinsed and the water disposed of in the garden. Such reverence grows a sactristan’s love, mindfulness and devotion for our Lord. We are very fortunate at St. Paul’s to have Fr. … who makes life for the sactristans a fulfilling and wonderful ministry by assisting wherever he can. It is indeed a privilege to server and prepare for the Lord at His table.


We were indeed truly blessed to be given a section of the wonderful new Porch for our beautiful Repository, which was recently built with the proceeds of a dedicated fund raising campaign.

Warden Duty

Wardens are the friendly fold who greet parishioners when they arrive for Mass, and hand them a copy of the weekly bulletin. They also supervie the sale of copies of the Southern Cross. The wardens will arrange for a couple to take up the offertory and others to assist with the collection. Generally they keep an eye on things during Mass and usher late arrivals to vacant seats when the church is fairly full. The wardens usually arrive at church 30 minutes before Mass, open the doors, windows and toilets and switch on the electric fans when necessary. They are responsible for closing up the church after everyone has left. If one enjoys meeting people and striking up new freindships this is a rewarding ministry which needs more helpers.


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